10 Tricks That Will Cheer Your Mood & Make You Feel Happy!

Life is not in our control. Sometimes, things happen opposite to what we expect. It is a road covered with flowers, thorns, and stones. So, here are some magical, simple, and very easy-to-perform tricks to cheer you up and make you feel happy.

1) The Act Of Cleansing

Whenever you are feeling down or demotivated, take an amazing, relaxing, and long shower or bubble bath. The simple act of cleaning your body part or a bubble bath will make you feel reinvigorating and will give you ‘fresh vibes’ to start again.

The act of Cleansing will make you forget your problems for some time, and you might even land up having a new perspective on it.

2) Stretch, Dance, Sing

The trio is one of the best and magical tricks that will shoo away your problems for some time. Stretch your body, dance, and sing whether you have those skills or not, just enjoy! Let your body relax and enjoy the process. You will be in amazement once you let your body go with the flow.

3) Organize

Whether a messy drawer or not, empty the drawer and start organizing it again! It will provide you a distraction from your problem and will help you get a bigger perspective towards it. Not just that, but after organizing you will also have a sense of fulfillment, that you did something!

4) Go For A Walk/Run

Plugin your headphones, and drown yourself in your dreamy world. Go for a walk in nature or a long run, it will help you feel refreshed and will boost you up.

5) Treat Yourself

We feel naturally refreshed when we are dressed at our best! Wear your favorite outfit, and go to your favorite restaurant. Eat all your favorite dishes and don't forget to gobble up on ice-cream.

6) Writing

This is one of the best methods to cheer you up. Take a pen and paper, and write down whatever you are feeling. The rule to this trick is, don't think twice before you write. Whatever is going on in your mind, just write it out.

7) Spend Time With Plants

You might think, what rubbish is this! But, this is my personal favorite trick. If you have plants in your house, then just sit and spend time with them. Talk with them, tell them what are you feeling. After all, plants are living beings.

If you don't have plants at your house, then you can go to a garden and sit among trees.

8) Appreciate

Think about the challenges you fav=ced in past and how you overcame them. Think about that 12th standard board exams, when you thought you will fail, but you nailed it. Think about all those maths problems, you thought were tough, but you solved them.

Appreciate yourself for overcoming too many things in life. Stop being too hard on life and on yourself!

9) Talk

Call the oldest friend from whom you have lost contact. Call them and talk about those silly things, you did, and how much you enjoyed each other's company.

10) Pray And Breathe

Talk to God. Tell him how you feel. Share your problems. Do deep and conscious breathing. Mediate and manifest. Pray for well being. Thank God for everything you have!

These tricks are effortless. They don't require hard work. Try these out when you are feeling down.

What is your go-to trick to cheer yourself up?