3 People Who Deserves Your Unconditional Love!

Instead of finding love in others, first, respect the love you already have..!!"

Everyone here is busy finding love. But do people here actually know what love is!! Can anyone give a conclusive definition of love?

The three words, "I LOVE YOU," also known as "three magical words," are no longer magical. These words have become the most common words for today's youth. Nowadays, love is not pure love; its mere motive is fulfilling physical desperation.

It's just a bribe for getting intimate. Relationships have become just a matter of status among people - my best friend has a girlfriend, so even I want one!! Being in a relationship has become a matter of pride as if they have achieved some kind of the king's treasure (ironically, the glory is just a fake one).

I'm not against love, but have you ever noticed people around who love you unconditionally but still, you take them for granted. Don't you think, they need your love, or are you that much blind that you can't see it??

The purest and most beautiful love source starts from our own home - The love of a MOTHER.

The way she cares, the way she sacrifices, and how she cooks just for your happiness. The connection between a mother and her child is the purest form of love. A mother does and does everything for her child but doesn't expect anything. She could do everything for her child; she could even fight with God for her child. In the end, all she needs is a lovely smile on her child's face. If you can't see this love, I'm sorry, but you could never feel someone else's love. If you can't love her back, then you can't even love another girl. A mother has been compared to God, so at least give her a bit of love and respect. And even if you can't love her, do respect her. She does so much for you that you ignore seeing half of the things with your so-called "open eyes."

The next person you always forget to love is your family- your dad, grandparents, and siblings.

Have you ever noticed their love? Have you ever seen how they support you every time? And you always forget to thank them. Do you even notice how hard your dad works to earn a bit of money so that you feel satisfied? Do you even show some courtesy towards him and ask at night- "How was your day?" No, right!! Because who cares- I have a cell phone, I have wi-fi which is much more important. It's just because of that man- your father, that you have a cellphone in your hand and a wi-fi connection.

" And one day she dared to close the wi-fi, they had the best family dinner together..!!"

The last and one of the most important people you should love first is "YOU"- YOURSELF.

In this present world, everyone is so dam busy that they have forgotten to give some of their time to their self. Do you even appreciate yourself for all the good you did today? Do you congratulate yourself on your achievements? No! Because we are much busier in updating others about our life!! We are much busier in comparing ourselves with others - Omg! She has a car; even I need one. Omg! She has heels even I need those.

Stop being like others. Just be yourself. You are excellent at being "you." Remember, you are attractive in your own ways. Don't forget; you are one of the most precious creations of God.

Your search for finding love will definitely get over if you start loving yourself as who you are. You will find the ultimate happiness if you start appreciating yourself."Be who you are, not what everyone else says's."

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