3 Short Stories That Will Help You In Your Path To Success!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Do you feel like something is missing from life? Do you feel like, you can do much more, but somewhere something is wrong? Success is what you want, but you are not able to become successful. So, below are 4 stories that will help you in understanding the blockages in your way to success!

1) The hard truth

Jack used to think that life is very easy. He didn't work hard. He used to sleep all day. His father had left a lot of money for him, because of which he thought, "Life is way too easy." But one day, due to some mishap his house caught fire and everything was burned. He was left with pennies and a pair of cloth.

He was sadly sitting below a tree feeling stuck. There he saw an ant carrying her food. He tried to put his finger in the path of the ant to make her stop, but the ant changed her way. Innumerable times, the ant's food fall from her grip, but she again picked up and started moving. This incident opened Jack's eye, and he realised the hard truth that life is not easy.

Don't ever think that life is easy. You will fall countless times and you have to get up and be ready to stand up again.

Understand: It is hard, but till the time you would not start, it won't be easy. Waking up is hard at times, but still, once you do it, it becomes easy. Same way, take a step at a time in the path of your success.

2) Ask

A tortoise and a rabbit were very hungry. They were standing below an apple tree, but because of their height, they were not able to fetch apple. Rabbit said," Should I climb up on you and fetch the apple? In this way, we both can feed our stomach."

The tortoise was very egoistic and said," I don't need anyone's help. I can do everything by myself."

After some time, a Giraffe was passing by from the way. The rabbit was hesitant to ask for help but then thought, if I do not ask for help, I will die due to hunger. So, hurriedly asked Giraffe to help him in getting an apple, to which Giraffe happily agreed. The rabbit ate the apple, fulfilled his hunger, and went away, whereas the tortoise died because of hunger.

Understand: Don't hesitate to ask for help. Stop being egoistic and judgmental. Even God had to take help from numerous people to complete his goals. Asking for help in your path of success is not at all wrong. The only thing to keep in mind is - You don't have to get dependant on others every time.

3) The Rs.500 note

A teacher once bought a ₹500/- note to the class and said, "Who wants this?"

Everyone raise their hand. The teacher crumpled the note and asked the same question. Again every student raised their hand. The teacher dropped the note and stomped on it, and again, asked the same question. Still, everyone raised their hand.

The teacher said, "This is how your value should be. No matter what has happened, don't do anything that decreases your value in life."

Understand: Obstacles are a part of life. They will come and go. But make sure that these downfalls do not define you. Every successful person had faced obstacles. But they don't let their obstacles define them.

Here are a few questions for you:

  1. Your definition of success?

  2. What is stopping you from taking that first step towards success?

  3. Have you tried changing your mind-frame?

You can drop your answers in the comments or mail me at bawramann456@gmail.com

I will try to help you out as much as I can. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

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