3 Situations Where You Must Use The THREE FILTER TEST

What Is The Three Filter Test?

The first thing that we plugin is Social Media and once we are there, we are lost in the world of fakeness, exaggeration, and useless things. With the Three Filter Test, understand what's genuine, what’s good, and what’s helpful, for you.

If you aren't aware of it then click on the link below. The video explains the three filter test!

Three filters we all must know about!

3 Situations Where You Must Use The Three Filter Test!

The three filter test has become very important now-a-days. The reason being we are constantly under the influence of what other people say! The main reason why a relationship break is because of what the third person says!

So, here is a list of things where you should definitely use this test:

1) Messages/News

While forwarding any message or news on the social media platform, make sure you ask yourself the three questions. Verify the facts before forwarding. Fake messages cover more than half of the social media platforms. And no one wants to be a part of a fake message community.

2) Other's Word

Before you judge a situation or a person on the third person's word, please make sure to keep your eyes open to judge the situation/person. Stop judging your relationships from an outside eye. Don't trust other's words blindly.

3) Your Thoughts

The three filter test can be used on your thoughts in an effective way. Consider your thought as a separate person from you. Now, judge the thought on basis of the three questions. You will have an answer on whether the thought is worth your time or not.

So, instead of blindly trusting other's, keep your eyes open. Judge the situation from an unbiased mind and start using The Three Filter Test.

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