4 Short Stories That Will Make You Realise Why You Are Not Happy

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Happiness has no definition. Everyone has different ways to keep themselves happy. Some people are happy in material things, while some people find happiness in things like self-awareness, higher consciousness, spirituality, and whatnot, and some people don't find happiness in anything - The one who keeps on complaining.

So, in this blog, I will show you the 4 traits of happy people. You can try and include those traits in your behavior and feel the difference.

4 Short Stories That Will Help You To Be Happy

1) Courage

Raj had the courage to drop out of engineering and pursue his passion. Once he took the hard step of quitting, he felt relieved and happy. Whereas, Ravi wanted to do CA. But was forced to take science. He didn't have the courage to quit, and so till today, he regrets, and somewhere a part of his heart is unhappy.

2) Patience

A teacher gave students a sunflower plant and told them to bring the flower, once they are fully nurtured. Raj was very happy because he loved Sunflowers. He planted the seed and started to take care of it. But he was so impatient that he watered the seeds 5 times a day and thus his plant got ruined. When Raj went to school with a rotten plant the teacher said, "Impatience attitude will always steal your happiness away."

The seeds, you have sown, will definitely bear fruits, but you'll have to be patient.

3) Gratitude

A teacher gave his students a paper with a small black dot on it and told them to write what they see on it. Every student wrote about the measurement, the distance, direction of the black dot.

After completing the test, the teacher said, " That's the mistake we all made in life. That black dot took your focus so hard, that you forget to look at the white paper. The black dot represents the things you don't have and the white paper represents the things you have. We are always busy complaining in life that we forget to feel Gratitude towards the things we have. "

Focusing on things you don't have will always leave you unhappy. Happiness comes from the feeling of Gratitude towards life. Believe me, there are more blessings in life than complains.

4) Forgiveness

Raj was depressed and his hand was bleeding. He was babbling about how his girlfriend cheated on him, how his friends fought with him, and all the scars he still carries from the past.

After Raj stopped babbling, the doctor who was bandaging the wound said, "What if I don't bandage your wound?"

Raj said, "What!! If you won't bandage, then the bleeding won't stop. I will not be relieved from pain and I might even feel sicker."

The Doctor replied, " This wound represents all the things in life that you haven't yet forgiven yourself from. Till the time you won't forgive your girlfriends, friends, and yourself, you will always remain unhappy. Bandage your life's wound and free yourself by forgiving them."

The more you will dwell on your past, the sicker you will feel in present. Learn the lessons, and forgive others and yourself.

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