4 Short Stories You Need To Read Before You Start Your Day!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Starting your day by reading something good, has an impact on your overall day. It boosts your confidence, morale, and happiness quotient.

"Reading is to mind, what exercise is to body." - Joseph Addison

So, here are 4 short stories that you should read before you start your day!

1) The Jingle of Pennies

So he went to him and said," You are stealing the smell of my bakery. I need 3 pennies for it."

The neighbor said," I don't have anything to pay nor I am stealing your smell."

But the selfish baker was adamant and went to court. The judge was very clever. He listened to both sides and said to the neighbor, you will have to pay the 3 pennies, but in the way I say. Take the pennies out from your pocket. And throw them on the ground." The neighbor did so, which created a jingling sound.

The judge finally said," You have been paid with the sound of pennies in return to the stealing of your bakery smell."

Be kind to at least one person in your whole day. Kindness does not cost anything. And if you can't be kind, then please don't be rude to anyone.

2) The Box Of Cash

John and Jonny were neighbors. John was rich and had too much cash at his house, because of which he wasn't able to sleep. He was always worried about theft. Whereas, Jonny had very little, but was very happy and satisfied. He used to sleep peacefully.

One day, John gave a box of cash to Jonny and said," You are poor so have this box." Jonny was very happy to see the money. He happily went home and kept the box in a safe place. But he didn't sleep all night, because he was worried about stealing the cash.

The next day, he went to John and gave the box of money back and said," I am happy with whatever, I have. Money stole my peaceful sleep."

Learn to be satisfied with whatever you have. Growth is necessary, but not at the cost of your mental health.

3) The Vegetable Lorry

Raj was a vegetable vendor. One day a poor man came to his lorry asking for vegetables. So, Raj helped him by giving some vegetables. A man standing right next to them saw and said to Raj, next time, bring a second bunch of vegetables and a mat and give it to the poor man, and tell him to sell. Raj did the same as told by the man. The poor man had no idea how to sell the vegetables. So, Raj taught him, and both started making money to feed their stomach.

If you give a man something to eat, you are fulfilling his hunger for a day. But, if you are teaching a man something skillful, you are providing him an earning for a lifetime.

4) The Race

One day a horse was making fun of the snail by saying," You are so slow. Let's race."

The snail out of anger said, "Okay, fine." He went to other snails and said all about the incident. All the snails were the same, so they decided to hide in the distance between the starting line to the finish line.

The next day race started and the horse was running at his own speed. But however fast he ran, he saw that the snail was ahead of him every time. He was so clouded by his over-confidence, that he was not able to use his intelligence.

Please don't make fun of anyone in your life, whether it's a poor, or someone who has lesser skills than you!

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