4 Things That 2020 Changed In Me | Notes From My Diary

Let's not talk about how bad or depressing 2020 has been. But let's focus on how 2020 has bought a change in our life!

With lockdown being imposed everywhere, people were stuck at home with their family, especially teenagers. Being an outgoing teenager, the first thing that came to my mind on listening of lockdown was 'How am I going to survive these many days in the house.' I am a person who needs to go out, at least twice a week, and not able to step a foot outside is like WTF!

For me, the lockdown has been a strange experience of too many things. We are always busy working or running outside, that we forget to look inside us. My days were filled with understanding my emotions, learning new things, following my passions, and self-awareness.

NOTE: I would like to know, how 2020 has changed you. I will club a few of the best answers and post them in my next blog. You can fill this form: https://forms.gle/wVk3nX9ZN5LE8jDD7

4 Things That 2020 Changed In Me

1) Understanding Myself

I don't know whether you have spent time with yourself or not. But I did. I explored myself. I understood my emotional well-being. I followed my passions by starting my new blog website, YouTube Channel, and doing my first virtual event. You need to try things out if you want to explore your inner self. Sit with yourself and understand what triggers you the most!

By getting a degree, you can earn a living. By understanding yourself, you can earn inner peace and mental growth.

2) Ghar Ka Khana Is Not That Bad...

There was a time when my face turned down, on the mere thought of "Yrrr...Ghar ka khana padhega.." But then when there was no option of eating outside, I realized that Ghar Ka Khana is actually very delicious. And not just that but we can probably make everything at the house! I have seen people making Ghevar, Locha, Fafda, and whatnot by themselves. I am not saying that we should not eat outside, but we should also eat home-cooked food.

Believe it or not, but there is something very magical about homemade food...Might be mom's magic!

3) We Can Survive Without Movies

I have known some people who used to watch every single movie that was released. And when asked about the same, people used to reply "Yrr entertainent ke liye yehe h abh". Now, think if you go to movies every Sunday, you were almost spending 1000Rs (considering 5 Sundays) a month. Even Amazon Prime is more affordable than this, isn't it? Above all, half of the Bollywood movies are rubbish.

If there's some exceptional movie in theatres then definitely go and watch. But please don't waste 1000Rs every month on watching shit!

4) Value Of Money/Job

I sometimes used to think that my job is paying me less. I should ask for more or leave. But then when I heard people losing their jobs, I realized I am getting paid at present is much more valuable!

There are people who have lost everything from family to the job. So, if you have a job, a roof, and a family, please be grateful for them!

2020 has been exhilarating and devastating. But if you keep on complaining, it would never be better. To make something better, you need to look from a different perspective.

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