4 Things To Understand After A Devastating Ending!

We all suffer from heart-breaking endings in life. A closure of business, breaking up with a friend, death of near dear ones, and much more. But have you ever wondered - Are these endings really an end?

Unfortunate events happen in everyone's life, whether rich or poor, small or big. But what matters is how you react to such sufferings or how you overcome from such incidents. The graph of life is not at all stable. It keeps on going up and down.

The Story Of Thomas Alva Edison

We all know Thomas Alva Edison - the inventor of the light bulb. But do you know that in 1914, his office got burnt! All his work was turned into ashes in the massive fire. But when asked about the same he said," Nothing is wrong. A lot of my mistakes and useless work are burnt. And it is time to start fresh again." Being 64 years old, he could have stressed and worried about his lost work, but he took in a way, no one could ever imagine.

Ask yourself, how many times you have thought it's an end to life, yet when you look back at it today, it seems so small?

4 Things To Understand After A Devastating Ending!

1. Acceptance And Letting It Go!

Accept, that it didn't turn out the way you planned. Accept the pain that is biting you from inside you. But understand that whatever happened has happened. Now, it is time to focus back on the present. Make your mind understand that it's over and now you have to move on.

Don't hold on to your past so tightly that you ruin your present and thus your future.

2. Be Glad That You Have A Story

Failures in life become inspiring stories in present. Think about it the other way - now you have some amazing experience to share, with your children and grandchildren.

Be glad that you have a great story to inspire others.

3. Began Again

It's time for you to start again. With new hopes, chose a path without forming judgments from your ending. Keep the lesson in mind, but don't judge yourself for what has happened. Break the pattern of negativity and start again with new hope.

Nothing in life can stop us from doing something, except our own thoughts and beliefs.

4. It Is Not The End.

Life does not end with a bad event. It is just your thoughts that make you think that life has ended. If it is hurting you then take a break for a few days and regain your strength. Start working on yourself - physically as well as mentally.

Sufferings will never end. But the way you perceive them can get change. So, break the old patterns of looking at your past mistakes and start living life. Don't be too hard on your life or yourself.
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