4 Things You Need To Understand About Karma | Check Your Karma Score

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Do you think you are doing Karma or are you just in an illusion of thinking the same? Below are 4 points to consider, before you think you are doing Karma.

Let's see how much is your Karma score by the end of the blog. But before that think about a good deed, you think is Karma. Now, give yourself a score considering the following point.

1) Karma Is Selfless

A deed done without any intention is Karma. Giving someone something, and expecting them to give you something in return, is not Karma. There are no expectations attached to Karma. You just do it!

Giving your servant a saree for Diwali does not constitute Karma. She cleans your house for 365 days, so making her happy is a basic human value. You are making her happy, in return for the service, she provides. But giving saree to all the servants in your building is Karma. Why? Because not every servant provides you a service in return.

So, now answer - Was your deed a selfless deed?

Yes: 5 points

No: Better luck next time

2) Don't Boast About It

The day you self boast about your good deeds, is the day you lose all your Karma points. At present, everyone helps the poor and posts a picture on their social media stating "performing good deeds are priceless". Common, you are just showing off. Karma is performed silently without boasting about it.

Have you ever posted a picture or even spoke about how you feel after doing your good deed?

Yes: -5

No: 5

3) Being Judgemental

A, B, and C; all three of them were poor and sitting outside the temple. Raj came and looked at the trio and gave all the food to C only. Why? Because he was not happy with the clothes A and B were wearing. This is not the way of performing Karma. A poor is poor and the physical appearance should not matter to you.

Were you judgemental while performing the deed?

Yes: -5

No: 5

4) Difference between Action and Karma

Your mother is sick so you cooked a delicious meal for her. This is not Karma. It is your moral duty. After all, she does so much for you without complaining. So, if you cook for a day for her, is not at all a big deal. It is simply an action to make her feel nice. But if a very poor lady, unknown to you, comes at your door, asking for food and you serve her with a hot plate of food, then you are doing a Karma.

The final one - Were you performing Actions or Karma?

Karma: 5

Action: (Now you know what you have to do)

What is your final score?

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