5 Habits That Will Change You Mentally

Being a teenager has become too tough in present scenarios where heartbreaks are common and the communication gap with parents is highest. So, at some point, everyone feels stuck in life and the same happened to me. I felt lost and lonely. I used to get frustrated a lot. Day by day, I started getting angrier. I constantly used to remain sad and demotivated. Negativity was surrounding me.

I was at such a stage in life, where living was useless. I just wanted to run to a place where no one would judge me. A place where no humans existed.

One day, I suddenly thought, is running away from the things, and dying is the only option left or changing myself is still an option? The answer was obvious! I don’t want to give up this early and I don’t want to live that dull and frustrated.

So, I changed some habits in my daily life, which helped me a lot in strengthening my mental framework.

5 Habits That Will Change You Mentally

The main purpose and the burning desire of everyone's life is just “happiness”. Here are 5 powerful habits that changed me. Try these out and know the difference in yourself.

1) Meditation

There is a point in everyone's life, where one needs more clarity with themselves. I used to get angry a lot. But once I started doing meditation, I became a calm person. Not just that, but meditation helped me in discovering my inner-self! It made me self-aware.

2) Music

Music is one of the best things in life. Music does not just soothe our soul, but good music even motivates us to do better. I’m a musician and so connected with every instrument. Music is not just about filmy gaane, but even bhajans have amazing vibes. I know, bhajan sounds like an old-people-thing, but try it once, and you will realize!

3) Reading

I had read somewhere poor have a big TV and rich people have a big library. I was a person who had always avoid reading. But in Lockdown, I started reading. And today, I proudly say, I can never be alone because BOOK HAVE BECOME MY BEST FRIEND.

4) Sleeping Routine

My sleeping schedule was completely disturbed. Some days I used to sleep at 3 AM-4 AM, which made me feel lethargic the next day. I used to get frustrated a lot, because of a lack of sleep. But then I changed my sleeping patterns. I started sleeping at 11 and started waking up early in the morning. And just by changing my sleep schedule, now I have started to do Yoga and walking because I have extra time in the morning.

5) Fasting & Healthy Eating

"If you want to keep your mind calm and healthy, you need to fulfill your body with the best nutrition and healthy food." For example, if you want your car should give a good average and low maintenance then, you need to fill good quality of petrol. So healthy food is one of the most important things in life.

Believe me, habits change our life. Start expressing gratitude towards life and stop complaining. These habits are very simple, but their result is amazing. This is how I changed my life and hopefully, you will changes yours too!

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Holla, I am Prateek Mantri, a Music Composer, Guitarist, Disc Jockey, Keyboardist, Writer, and sort of a Travel Blogger. Recently, I have found an interest in spirituality and exploring it in-depth. I am fond of reading and writing Journal.

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