5 Things You Need To Understand Before Visiting An Astrologer!

Astrology is not just a game to play but is an in-depth knowledge about planets, stars, and their alignment at the time of birth. It is an age-old knowledge written in Vedas and some old scriptures. In fact, it is said that Sahadev, one of the Pandavas, had entire knowledge of Astrology. He is said to be one of the best astrologers. He even knew about all the outcomes of Mahabharat. But was cursed that if he unveils the events to anyone he would be split into pieces.

The reason why Astrology no longer serves its purpose because some astrologers have made it a money-making business.

5 Things You Need To Understand Before Visiting An Astrologer!

1) Astrology Is True. Astrologers Can Be False!

Not everyone, who is claiming himself or herself as an Astrologer, is genuinely an astrologer. Some Astrologers are just to earn and will tell you numerous senseless things to do. Before you pay a visit to an astrologer, make sure to verify them.

2) Astrologers Are Not God

If death could be predicted so easily, then no one would have died, isn't it! Astrologers are just a medium to show you the right path, to guide you, to show the direction which will benefit you the most, and to help you out when you are stuck. They will supervise you on how to behave, and how not to behave!

3) Ask WHY!

Whenever an astrologer tells you, to do a remedy always ask WHY! Till the time you won't understand the reason, your mind and heart will always remain in a big question mark nor, will you be able to perform the remedy whole-heartedly.

The astrologer will definitely won't give you in-depth knowledge, but he will tell you why you need to do a remedy, and what planets are going to get affected in your chart.

4) Actions Forms The Result

Just because an Astrologer told you that your next year will be a Rajyog, does not mean that you have to sit and wait for the money to miraculously drop from the sky. You need to take action and effort to earn the money. You need to work hard.

5) Patience Is Key

Don't ever expect that you will always hear good news from an Astrologer. Most of the time, people visit an Astrologer and says, "Kuch toh acchi khabar suna do." And when he replies, " Wait for some time for good things to happen" You become upset and start blaming him!

Please, don't pay a visit with such a mental framework. It's like you are paying a visit to the doctor with your wife and saying," I don't know anything, but I just want to hear that my wife is pregnant."

One Last Example To Clear The Concept Of Astrology

Plants need sunlight to grow, but some plants need direct sunlight, some need less sunlight, and some plants are indoor who needs no direct sunlight. So, we place plants according to their needs for optimum growth. In humans as well; for some Sun is helpful, for some Sun is malefic, and for some Sun is neutral.

In ancient times sages carefully observed the movement of these planets and gathered the impact of planets on humans born under particular Rashi or Nakshatra. Vedic Astrology works on the theory of Karma!

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