7 Things To Evaluate Before You Chose To Suicide!

Suicide has become very common in today's life filled with tension and worries. The more advanced our lives are becoming, the more stressed we are getting. From morning till night, we are continuously stressing over things. From everything we are stressing about, below is a classification, I did, on everyday stuff that we stress about:

  1. The Stress from Petty Things: Milkman hasn't come. Maid is on holiday. What shall I cook today? Who is going to iron clothes?

  2. The stress of the Future: Will my child be happy? Will my child get married? Will I ever go to Africa?

  3. The Stress from Crazy things: What will happen after I die? Will I go to heaven or hell?

And, lastly the stress of taking stress - Oh God! Why do I stress so much!!!

No doubt, there is some real stress in life which we need to deal with, but suicide is not at all a solution to anything. Close to 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year! And somewhere, we all are responsible for those suicides because we don't consider mental health as an illness. We don't go for proper treatment when we are feeling helpless. Can you believe, in our society people think it is easy to die than to take help or talk!

Before You Take The Step Of Suicide - THINK!

1) Think about your family and friends. You might think there's no one. But remember in this world of 759.43 crore humans, there will be at least 10 people who care about you.

2) Think about the days you haven't yet lived. Today or a week or a month might have been bad, but there are still hopes and chances about tomorrow. Here is an imaginary formula for you to calculate your remaining days - (80 - Your Age) x 365. So, think you have so many days to live, yet and not every single day of the future is going to be bad.

3) Think about the good old days. There were good times in your life. And there will be good times in the future as well. You just need to keep that hope alive.

4) Think about the beauty of nature. You will get some strong inspiration to live from tress, limitless sky, and the universe.

5) Think about the innumerable opportunities this world has for you. Every person is good at something, you just need to find that good thing. Be patient something magical is going to happen.

6) Think about the dreams that are still left to be transformed into reality. Keep believing. Your future is not as bad as you think.

7) If you believe in God, then have faith. To my knowledge, no mythologies say that suicide is the solution. Rather they say that Suicide is the biggest sin one could commit because you are throwing away the gift of life that God has given you.

Keep postponing the thought of suicide from your mind, till the time the thought gets disappeared. It is not easy, but it is not that hard. Call for help and therapies, before you do something wrong. No one is happy to see you die. But at least, a few people are happy to see you alive.

If you still think that no one is happy to see you alive, then trust me, I AM HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOU ARE STILL BREATHING.

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