A beautiful soul!

A perfect day to launch my blog – #mothersday! A mother is a creator, nurturer, an epitome of kindness, a personification of selfless love, a genuity of pureness, a heart full of love, an antidote to your problems, a mind full of affection, hands full of care, and whatnot. Words are less to describe this beautiful soul created by God.

If we talk about mom, the first thing that comes to our mind is SACRIFICE! A mother sacrifices so much so happily and selflessly for us; not even a single complaint or hesitation is shown by her. And while the world is full of grief, pain, and tension; she will still stand strong and dance and swing and smile as if nothing is ever wrong!

She calls you by those sweet, meaningless pet names, she frowns and smile and laugh and cribs looking at your wardrobe mess. She shouts when you don’t cook and she laughs at the shape of your chapatti. She stands with you when the world is against you but she will shout seeing messy blanket and towel lying on the bed!

The only relationship in life, that is completely selfless is of parents. You’re blessed if you have blessings of them in your life.


Share a memory you would never forget with your mother!

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