A Journey That Will Make You Escape Life | From The Diary Of A Solo Traveler


I have always found my soul fulfilled just by the thought of this, & recently life made me cross paths with this 'Dream Of Mine'!

I went on a solo trip of 15 days, covering 1800kms by bike. The trip was so exhilarating and worth going that I could not resist myself from sharing some amazing incidents and facts about this trip!

I am a proponent of a solo traveler. Solo trips are, no doubt, an ideal opportunity for finding yourself and your inner peace in this world full of chaotic situations. You go on experiencing things solely by yourself, whether climbing mountains, watching the beautiful sunrise and

sunset, gazing at the sky full of stars, or be it adoring the beauty of the moon. Traveling alone teaches us so many life-changing lessons and helps us to be a better version from within.

Initially, I remember, when I was planning for the trip- So many people came to me asking several questions like - How are you going to enjoy alone? Will it be safe? What will you eat, and who will you stay with? The list of questions was endless, but so were the priceless lessons learned from the trip! When I returned, I answered every question they asked, and most prominently, how amazing it is to go on a solo trip once a year!


Since there was no one making plans for me, arranging things for me at that time, I needed to figure out everything by myself! Such a trip taught me to prioritize myself over everything and everyone.

We are in a generation where people like me want to live life on our terms and conditions & this is a trip made me feel the same - living life on my own terms. If there is something important - it's YOU!


Wherever in the world, you find yourself! Traveling shows endless opportunities to break out from your comfort zone. From searching and cooking your own food to tying your own package, from new culture to unfamiliar languages, every day of the trip was packed with the situation, pushing you out of that zone. There are plenty of new things you can always try.


Travel Journal is so close to a traveler, just like the combination of flowers and their soothing smell. Without putting all the remarkable experiences of the day in my diary, I wouldn't consider it complete. But I was so happy to bring many happy yet hilarious, amazingly yet shocky memories with me, and I will cherish these memories for a lifetime. I met new people who were living in huts. It made me realize we have so much, yet we are unhappy, and these people have so little, yet they were so content.


Every day, when the day came to an end, I analyzed it and felt so grateful to see that there are still so many people in this world who can make you feel at home, even when you are so far!

It was not something you could call just traveling; it was at once less and more, sharing such experiences that create an everlasting bond and set them apart from all others. There are no words with meaning that one could understand, which would reveal the physical horror or the length and depths of emotion; I was experiencing while traveling!

About the Author

Holla, I am Prateek Mantri, a Music Composer, Guitarist, Disc Jockey, Keyboardist, Writer, and sort of a Travel Blogger. Recently, I have found an interest in spirituality and exploring it in-depth. I am fond of reading and writing Journal.

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