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Updated: Nov 2, 2020


I know you might be wondering what's this all about. Today I want to thank you for each and everything you did. Yeah, I know I'm sometimes angry with you, but that does not mean, I would quit. You are the one who makes me keep going by showing miracles each and every time. You are the one because of which I'm still living - waiting to know what tomorrow will bring.

You know, you are a bunch of thousands of emotions - happy, sad, love, hate. Sometimes, I get confused that which emotion you are showing me, and the other times, I get confused that which emotion should I keep on my face (pretended one or the real one) to show the outside world.

You have given me thousands of memories. Some which make me happy, some which make me laugh aloud, and others which make me cry hardest. Sometimes you hurt me more than I deserve, but the next thing, I know is that, if you make me cry then you only would make me laugh some other day. I know, if you hurt me, if you pull me down, it's just for my betterment. I know sometimes, I blame you for every bad thing that happens to me and you - you just wait patiently, until I learn the lesson, you want to teach me.

But to be honest, you taught me lessons which no one could ever teach me. You made me - who I am today! You gave me experiences, though bitter one just to make me realize, that the world is not as good as, I think. You showed me the difference between people - the one, with whom, I should spend my time, and the one I should just kick out. You taught me the game of love and friendship. You taught me the most valuable lessons. You gave me the experiences to share and creative imagination to write. You blindly trusted and believed in me, which no one could ever do.

Today a pinky promise with you - "Each time you'll make me cry, I would laugh out loud. Each time you'll break me down, I would stand up again. And each time you would think, that I'll quit, I would find hope to live again!"

If today is bad, don't worry, tomorrow will be the miracle that you had not expected.


The person you made me today!

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