A Talk With The God

It was late night and Raj was walking alone; sad, depressed, and lonely. He fought with his parents and was very upset about it. His relationship was on the verge of breaking. “I am so bad. I am a failure. I can not make my loved ones happy. I just hurt everyone. There is no use to live. I should die," Raj was saying to himself.

Suddenly, something hit Raj in the chest. He could feel his rib bones breaking apart. He was in terrible pain and wanted to shout, but did not have enough strength to do so. His eyes shut down, and he went into a mysterious dark world of his own. Raj was not able to see anything except, a ray of light coming from far-far away. There was no one. He slowly started pushing his body, like a crawling snake, ahead in the direction of light. He shouted for help, but no one came. He was terrified and scared. Life is so unpredictable. When our dear ones are near us, we have never valued them. We never show how much we love them. Now, when they have gone, we feel guilty. We pray for ‘one-last-time’ with them, whereas we missed all the ‘chances’ God had given. He shouted, "Is there anyone? Please help me. I want to go back home." In just a moment, he had started missing his parents and girlfriend. Suddenly, from somewhere a voice came, “You wanted to die a few minutes ago. Now, what happened?”

His whole body got froze. He looked everywhere, but there was no sign of anyone. With a very timid tone, he said, “Who are you? And where are you?” “That doesn't matter. You wanted to kill yourself why?” He stood there for a moment and said," I am not happy with my life. I always make everyone sad. My parents are hurt because of me. My girlfriend is not happy with me. I am just a burden on this world. I feel useless. I am good for nothing. I have so many imperfections. I get angry about silly issues. I overthink, I get jealous, I am not even good at studies.” The voice said, “You have seen so many flaws in yourself. But have you tried to see ‘the good’ in you? God has given you flaws, but he has even given you the strength to change them. It’s okay to have flaws. What matters is how you accept yourself with those flaws. Nobody is perfect. There is no exact definition of the word ‘perfect.’ It changes with people and situations. Things that are perfect for you, might not be perfect for someone else, and things that are perfect for them, might not be perfect for you. So, you know, it is all about how you turn your imperfections into your strength. God is known as the epitome of perfection, yet some people don't believe in him. So, will you consider atheists as bad? No, they just have different beliefs, values, and perceptions. If your intentions to do something are pure and do not hurt anyone, then it is the right thing for you!

A Relationship is about two different people having different thinking and perceptions and in between all these differences, you need to have one common thing - understanding. It's about how you manage and balance things out. We all are constantly judging our relationship from the eyes of the outside world. You have made your parents a lot prouder than you think. They might not show, but they do care. When it comes to real life, good grades are nothing. What matters most is your confidence and experience. Understand that life does not work on good grades. It is your hard work that is going to pay. And you seriously think if you die, then your parents will be happy?" "Every word of yours is making sense. But I am still confused, I don't know what to do in life I don't know anything," Raj said.

The voice smiled and said, “ Hear your inner voice, and find your way, if you are not able to find then create your own way. Find your purpose in life. Find your passion. It is your life and it is your struggle. In the end, it is all about choice. There will be very tough choices so choose wisely. You might take the wrong decisions, and you might fall, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Many opportunities will come ahead, many unexpected miracles will happen. You just have to be patient. ” “Your words are very powerful. You just opened my eyes. I know what I have to do, I'm so glad to talk with you," Raj said with a smile. “I am going to live my life. I am going to make my parents proud not by getting good grades, but by doing good things. I will follow my passion. Might be the outcome would not be as expected, but at least I will be happy. I will trust my love and relationship. I will not lose hope. I will try to maintain a balance between everything. But who are you? And why is there two lights in this tunnel?"

“As you entered the tunnel, it was all dark, but still you see, there's a ray of light far away. The dark path represents the dark phases of your life, and the ‘ray of light’ is hope. In every darkness, there is always a light. The way you have gathered all the strength and walked in the direction of light to overcome the darkness, likewise in the same way you have to keep going in life. Once you overcome the darkness of your life, you would see the most magical light of your life. Might be, the night is long, but the ray of sun will always appear at the end. I’m that voice in your heart, which you left unheard. In running behind good grades, money, luxuries, and the worldly pleasures, you have forgotten to hear – Your inner voice. There’s still ti….m…e…” Before it could complete the sentence something started to ring loudly. Raj suddenly woke up on the noise of the alarm. He was shocked to find himself in his room. "How did I come here?" he asked himself. Suddenly a voice from his heart whispered – Don’t think much. Just relax and enjoy it. He smiled and realized it was all a dream. A dream which taught him too many things about life.

God will never appear in front of you rather he sends mediators in your life to help you out. We have framed a mental image of God in our mind, and have left all the things on him. But he is not going to give you anything, until and unless you don't take efforts. Listen to your inner soul, because that is the voice of God.

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