Avoid These 4 Mistakes To Be Happy!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

There's nothing wrong with being unhappy or feeling unhappy. But if you are always unhappy, then something is definitely wrong. You have to change a few habits to make this feeling of unhappiness go away.

Understand this;

A prisoner is not just a person in jail. But sometimes, a free man is prisoner to his own thoughts, values, and limiting believes.

Here Are 4 Mistakes That Are Making You Unhappy

1) Excuses

Giving excuses for failed life or relationship is not at all a trait of happy person. Life does not always give you opportunities or people that will make you happy. Instead, at times life gives you setbacks and people to hurt you and to teach you lessons.

Sometimes, life gives you hardships to make you stronger. So, stop giving excuses for why you failed, and start accepting your failures as a damn lesson. Life is not at all going to work, according to you.

2) Don't Change Yourself

Just to impress other people, never ever change yourself. You don't have to waste time thinking about why they don't like me. Instead, utilize your time in upgrading, updating, and upscaling yourself. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you.

If you are changing to impress others, then you are not at all changing. Real change happens only when you want that from inside.

3) Focus On What You Have

If you are hungry and have no money but Maggie at home, what will you do? Stay hungry thinking about others having a delicious meal, or cook and eat, Maggie? Of course, you will eat maggie. In the same way, stop focusing on what you don't have, and start focusing on using the resources you already have.

In life, you will not always have what you want. So enjoy whatever life has given you and gives you.

4) Being In Past

"If I had done that, then I would have been rich!"

"If I had not met him, I would be happy."

Stop saying these things. What has happened has happened, and you can't change it now. All you can do is accept them and move one.

You need to understand that past has gone, and the future is still unknown. But what you have in hand is NOW!

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