Everyone is SUFFERING!

Nor you, nor me; but everyone is suffering in some or the other way. Corona is not affecting a single person; it’s affecting the whole world around us. If you think, that you’re the one suffering the most, then you’re WRONG! The harsh reality is everyone is suffering ‘MOST’ in some or other way. Corona doesn’t concerns just YOU. So, please stop saying that “I’m suffering the most.”

Again to beat your EGO of ‘I am’, people like daily wage laborers are suffering the most!

Belonging to a middle-class family with a very little savings, I know it’s hard to carry out expenses. But at least, I have got a family to provide moral support, food to eat, and a roof to live. There are people who are living with empty stomach, with kids living under a shackled roof made of raw grass, and family waiting in faraway village.

Just imaging a mother waiting for his son to send money in the village just to fill her kitchen with necessary food items and from around three months, she hasn’t even received a penny! Can you imagine how lonely, broken, and desperate she might be just for his son to return home!

I have seen people eating pasta, with a working A.C and saying – “I’m going to suffer a lot. My business is going to suffer a lot.” It’s not just YOU, the whole nation is going to suffer. So, instead of being self-centered and egoist, just stop saying “I and MY” and start saying –

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