The day I realize, I was the only one to save myself!

We all have form certain dependencies on others. Some are dependent for emotional fulfillment, some are dependent to complete their loneliness. We have become so habitual of depending on others that when the time comes, we fail to stand alone as an individual. We fail to stay strong!

The day I stopped being dependent on others, I realized that I AM ENOUGH AS AN INDIVIDUAL. I AM ENOUGH TO BE DEPENDENT ON MYSELF!

I knew, I was drowning deep in the sea,

And the shore was moving further away from me!

When the sky was moving fast,

I wondered, if I couldn’t save myself up.

I screamed and shouted,

I swam and cried,

But all my strength was drowning with the sea.

When I was drowning deep in the shallow sea,

I thought someone would save me.

But those people who once-took-the-efforts to say

We’re there with you,

Were nowhere even close to the shore!

The others whom I didn’t knew,

Were standing on the shore watching me drown,

They were shouting – Are you okay?

But no one was stepping up to save me from falling down.

In that moment, I realized –

their screams and once-my-people saying we’re here with you

Were as hollow as a body without blood.

I appreciate the efforts that they took to

Say such vicious lies,

That when I seriously needed them,

They were far away from the sky!

I knew, I had to do something before it’s too late,

I knew, I was the only one who could save me in that very moment.

And so the magic began,

When I looked inside myself!

The sea and the sky both were pushing me down,

But me and my soul both were pushing me to shore.

In the fight,

Someone has to lose.

And I was not a loser I knew!

So, I dwindled,

With all my strength I paddled,

With my hands raised above the sea,

And eyes filled with tears watching the world

I knew, this time

The sky and the sea were pushing me back again to the shore!

And when I reached the shore,

I realized,

No one can save you


And so I open my eyes,

Once again in not-so-lonely-world, I would say!

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