You might be wondering what is Creative-Tastic!!

So, to end your curiosity, Creative-Tastic is nothing but an amazing writing event by Himalayan Haveli and Bawara Mann. There are no boundaries in this event because imagination is limitless and boundless.

Our first prompt was - IF YOU WERE A SANTA CLAUS FOR A DAY! We received an overwhelming response, but due to constraints we had to select only 3 best one. You will relive your days of Christmas, after reading the below poems;

1) By Megha Sharma

The crack of dawn, when the sun wrenched its strings out in the scintillating sky,

My siblings were warbling some mellifluous carols, by creating a bedlam, which I could hardly deny,

Furthermore, my teeth were clattering, and my skin was quivering because of the cold spell,

For it was that day of December, awaited by my siblings to jingle that, enchantingly glistening bell,

However, the moment I thought to jingle that quirky bell,

With just one touch I disappeared like a prisoner kept in a cell!

I was startled by looking at the mirror,

For, I was invisible, and couldn’t even sight my trembling body filled with terror!

Being in the state of befuddlement, I tried to ask that viscous bell,

It barked at me roaringly, ‘You are the Santa for today, but by staying in an invisible shell’!

‘You need to arrange the gifts on your own, but be indeed quick’

You merely have 24 hours!’ Ordered the bell with a pompous click.

In that petrified state, when I started to wriggle my pockets,

I couldn’t find any penny except some Christmas chocolates,

Hence, the physical gifts were infeasible to give, at the spur of the moment,

So, I decided to give something, with the help of which the people can remove their destined lament,

I went to my dejected sibling, who was failed in the real competition,

And wrote a letter as a ‘Special person’ with message of not to ever give up to fulfil in one’s own ambition,

I went to my aunt suffering from a monstrous disease called ‘Cancer’

And attached a label of ‘Happiness’ on her injection, to give her the courage to defeat that monster.

Apart from that, I went to all those people, who have lost the hope to relive the lives,

I made them realise, that even sun needs to set once, in order to re – rise,

And at the end of 24 hours, I realised that becoming a Santa is not a child’s play,

Though the job is indeed gratifying, that you would love to take up each and every day

About the Writer

"Someone prominently said, that if your imaginary castles are charged by painful rocks, you must collect all the rocks, and rebuild a more a more solid castle.

Following the same saying, I am on way to rebuild my broken yet fragile castles.

I am Megha Sharma, a Cambridge University certified English language trainer, A graduate in Commerce, an eager beaver, A fantasy fiction and Poetry writer and a vocabulary enthusiast. Moreover, I am a 20 year old youngster who ecstatically looks forward to knit get success story with the threads of attrition and prickly needles of failures."

Follow her on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/effervescent_megha/

2) By Yukta Goyal

गर मोटा सा पेट होता

होती सफेद दाढ़ी मेरी

गर मै झोला ले कर चलती

आसमां से आती सवारी मेरी।

बच्चो को देती बचपन उनका

मां ओ को देती थोड़ा आराम

प्यार, इज्जत और सम्मान

पिता को एक दिन कि छुट्टी देती

इस दौड़ती भागती जिंदगी से

समाज के दुष्टों को सजा देती

मुक्ति देती हर डर से उनके

प्रकृति की सुन्दरता देती

स्वास्थ देती खुशियां देती

एक दिन की लिए उनका फोन लेती

देती परिवार का साथ उनको

जीवन है तो उनके पास

मगर जीवन जीना सिखाती

गर मै सेंटा होती

तो मैं दुनिया में प्यार लुटाती

About the Writer

"Hey, I'm Yukta Goyal I'm madly in Love with Love that I always say. I like reading shayaries and poems since childhood. I wrote my 1st shayari when I was in 9 standard. I started writing continuously since 2017. 2 things makes me feel alive are Dance & my Poems." Follow her on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/yukta_goyal143/

3) Muskan Kothari

If I were a Santa Claus for a day

I 'll make everyone believe in love that's to say

I'll try to mend the broken hearts

Assuring them that true lovers can never be apart

I'll grant a wish to that little kid

Who while saving his fool fell into the pit

I'll allow the little girl to roam frequently

Who is scared to roam freely

I'll make a deal with the devil

To bid the world a good farewell

I'll help those in need

And correct bad people with their deeds

If I were Santa Claus for a day

To make the world a better place to live is my only dream , I would say

About the Writer

Hey ! I am Muskan Kothari. I am still a student and find myself fascinated with all little happiness around. I follow writing as a passion. I love writing as it gives me a different kind of "Sukoon"

Follow her on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/poet_magics/