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When we say enjoyment what do we mean? Is it a thing? A person? A dream? I guess all that we are trying to refer is the emotion inside. Joy in an emotion and just like how emotion is energy in motion, I guess en-joy means enabling joy. I don’t know the exact definition but this is how I like to define it and it sounds logical to me. So when we say enjoy, it’s like a stimulus that enables joy. It could be food that brings you joy. A person whose company you enjoy. An experience like bungee-jumping, river rafting or similar such adventure. But have you realized that sometimes these things fail when you are feeling really low. Ever happened to you? It definitely might have happened consciously or unconsciously because we are feeling low. Now this stimulus could be found in both, inside and outside. However, when we say that it’s inside that matters, we meant to say that if you are ready for such a joy then these external stimuli would enable that emotion in you but it is you who is in charge of this whole situation. Sometimes we willingly halt ourselves in life and stop reacting to these stimuli and alas, it’s the inside that matters and now outside is failing.

Let us look at it from another point of view, what if we have enabled this emotion inside all the time and now the outside is just some help (supplement) and you have taken the charge in your hand. If you are joyful inside then even sitting and staring at the wall for 30 minutes is a pleasant experience, I bet few of you might have experienced in exam halls :P. The wall definitely is a better stimulus than the question paper and suddenly you find your joy there and time passes by.

When we are in a joyful state, time is a relative term and there couldn’t be a better example of this than winter sleeps. But our brain runs on auto-pilot and sometimes reacts as per external environment. It identifies a situation and automatically labels it as stressful or joyful and accordingly enables or disables the different emotions in our body.

What needs to be understood is that the brain is just a tool and it is you who should have the control of the plane. Have you seen in movies how during a bad-weather the pilot takes charge in his hands and doesn’t rely on the auto pilot feature of the plane? That same is true to our life. As long as things are pleasant, auto pilot is not a bad mode, it isn’t the best but surely not bad. We have to take charge of ourselves when the clouds are dark ahead, it calls for an action and you have to steer through this phase very consciously so that you don’t suffer much damage.

Let’s talk practical now. I guess the concept is clear with the example.

If you are not feeling joyful then ask yourself this one simple question, what is stopping me? Dig a little deeper and you would realize that nothing is stopping you except your own belief. You want to feel joy but you believe it’s not there. Take a deep breath and imagine that feeling, bingo! It’s there. Simple right? Sometimes it might not work this simply, no worries lets hunt for the treasure instead of finding the thief. Ask yourself this one question, what can I do right now to be joyful? There may be some wild answers and suggestions from the mind but be rational and select a most feasible option. Bhaagne ki koi planning karne ki jarurat nahi h :P.

Sometimes the things that we want are just out of an impulse and when analyzed further we realize that they were just some temporary emotions and not an integral part of you. They were just some impressions which are picked from the outside world but it may bring pleasure and not joy. Pleasure is temporary but joy is everlasting. Pleasure over extended period of time becomes joy.

If you seek this pleasure outside, it slowly becomes an addiction because now you have to rely on that thing to act as stimuli to enable that joy within you. Wisdom is becoming that stimuli yourself. Change the perspective and now you are feeling joyful. That’s where the true freedom lies. As inside, so outside and once this perspective becomes a virtue in your life, you are busting out of joy because now whole life becomes joyful. Remember, the power is you! The real joy is inside! Enjoy

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