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We all are goal-oriented and always ache to make our lives good, but what’s good? It’s such a relative term, differs from person to person. In whatsoever condition you are today is better than someone else and worse than someone else. While setting the goals, we aim higher and thus look up to people who have done better than us in the desired area/aspect of life. This always makes us feel that we are still not there, there’s still something lacking in our lives. This mindset is exhausting and it never makes you feel full.

Going towards any goal is similar to trekking. Reaching to the top is difficult but there are two alternatives:

First, you go straight towards your goal without stopping anywhere or taking breaks. As soon as you reach, you feel exhausted. You lie down and once you replenish you are back again looking for another mountain. This is how most people do the trek.

Second, you have a goal but instead of going straight to that goal, you take few breaks and cherish the picturesque views of the vastness around you. You sit somewhere, feel the cold breeze, feel your heart which is pounding out of fear, thrill, enjoyment, and many more emotions. You feel how shallow this mountain is compared to this vastness. You experience infinity in part. You reach a little late at the top but your journey was memorable. You have stories, memories, moments, and realizations with you. That was the main part of this whole journey. Isn’t it?

The whole idea behind gratitude is that whatsoever you have achieved till now is a dream for many, why don’t we cherish that?

Gratitude is an attitude, attitude becomes a character and thus lifestyle. So if you are not feeling thankful today, you won’t be able to feel thankful even on the day you achieve your goal because that isn’t your attitude. The happiness would be short-term and shallow.

By being grateful consciously and regularly you come to a happy state and we all could agree that work done in a happy state is more creative, enjoyable, and fulfilling. You have a goal to achieve and that definitely should be pursued but with which mindset is the question here. A happy mindset helps you make the journey beautiful and more lessons are learned in this journey. It is always the journey that should be cherished and the destination becomes worth it.

If you want to be happy, a destination couldn’t provide you that happiness because as soon as you reach the destination, there’s another one right there. It becomes a rat race and you feel lost.

When we learn to cherish the little things in our life, happiness becomes second nature because you have trained your mind such that it can find happiness for nothing but just being alive. Isn’t this wonderful? Everybody at least 7,00,000 people die and you weren’t one of them so that one thing is definitely being thankful for. If we go further than how beautiful it is that you can read this passage so fluently which means you are literate. That is a dream for roughly 20% of the population. Let’s dig a little more and we can be thankful for two meals a day, two good delicious hygienic meals per day. We have a perfectly healthy body. We are blessed with parents. We are reading this beautiful message which was maybe intended for us only.

Let’s spare a moment and be thankful for as many things as we could. That is the purpose of life, to be as grateful as you could. At last, thank you for reading it all along.

Become an explorer, not a traveler!

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