Let's Find Freedom In Everything We Do!

I have come across people who often want to run from their current life. They want to leave behind everything and go to the mountains to enjoy life. But have you tried to understand the root cause of why they want to do this?

If your answer is to escape life, then I think wherever you go, life is going to follow you. Actually, you are life itself. There is no separate identity, isn't it? Life is what we do, the decisions we make, and the memories we create.

If your answer is to live a simple life, then I think, you don't have to run to live a simple life. You can stay wherever you are, and just try to do things in the simplest way. To be more clear, instead of decorating your house with photo frames, just try bringing plants home, or paint your imagination on the walls.

From my point of view, the root cause to run away from our present life is we want FREEDOM. We have become so tired of this pretentious world that we no longer want to be a part of it. Those beliefs, pre-conceived notions, and the values that the world has imbibed in us, somewhere when things start making sense to us, we realise those were wrong. We have been taught to judge the world by someone else's eyes, rather than our own.

It's like our cup has already been filled and now when we are trying to make sense, it's difficult for us to empty the cup. We all want to start afresh, isn't it?

We judge others, and we are judged by the world as well. We were told to do the 'right' things, whereas we realised the things which we want to do are not even 'wrong' as well!

We have locked ourselves, and we only have the key to unlock!

What I believe is, you don't have to run to achieve freedom, you just have to start being you. Even if you go to the mountains, they will teach you to be self-aware, just the vibes are different from your current scenario. You can also achieve self-awareness by practicing Meditation.

To be free you need to empty yourself entirely of what you have been fed and start feeding yourself with what you see and believe. In this way, you don't have to run away from anything, and you'll find freedom in everything you do!

History have been created by those who being a part of world, understood the importance of 'being yourself.'

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