Something which we all should do!

Talking about depression is not something great. It’s something which we all should do! How easy it is to say that I’m having a headache! And so should be mental health. How easily we call a person and tell “Dude! I had an accident today!” In the same way, in such a light manner, why not tell your friend that I’m stuck or I’m having sleepless nights or I’m having suicidal thoughts!

“SHARING IS CARING!” – we have learnt this in our childhood! Yet when it comes to share do we really share? And when it comes to caring, do we really care? Sharing is not just about things you share, it also means sharing your problems! And caring is not always in the form of band-aids/first-aid box. Sometimes caring is about talking. It’s about listening! Trust me, now-a-days, listening proves to be a much bigger help!

And a much bigger question is are we seriously willing to listen to the problems of a person who is crying? Many people just shoo them away by saying, “Why you keep crying always? You are so dramatic? We have our problems to deal with!”

Is listening to other's problem is such a big issue for us? I know, we all have our own heavy suitcases of problems, but don’t you think, the suitcase will feel light if we take out a few things from it or two persons lift it together!

Please don’t fall in the vicious trap of depression. And even if you’re into such trauma, then please, please seek help before you decide to quit. Just because you are doing great, just because you are a superstar/millionaire, or even if you are a common man, doesn’t mean that you have to deal with your emotions all by yourself. You’re strong but that doesn’t mean you have to prove it to the world by dealing alone with depression in a dark room having suicidal thoughts.

Why we start posting on social media– “Come and talk, don’t quit this and that” only when someone quits and when someone really needs our help we conclude by saying - I'm Busy! Rather than just posting, please make sure that in normal day to day life as well, you call and ask your friend about their mental well-being!

Again, repeating the line - Please seek help before you decide to quit.


Helpline numbers -

Roshni Helpline - +91 4066202000
Sneha Foundation India - +91 4424640050
Sumaitri Helpline – 011-23389090
The Samaritans Mumbai – 8422984528/29/30
Connecting India - +91 9922001122
Cooj - +91 8322252525
Vandrevala Foundation - +91 1860-2662-345, 1800-2333-330
Parivarthan – 080-6533-3323
Saath – 079-2630-5544, 079-2630-0222
iCall – 022-2552-1111
Lifeline Foundation – 033-2463-7401, 033-2463-7432
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