The Surprise Date!

What should I wear? The red, the blue or the black! It’s so confusing. Rushing through my wardrobe; picking, trying, and throwing clothes, I finally decided to wear her favorite color gown – Royal blue.

I remembered that once when she had seen me in that gown she was like, “Oh my god! You look so adorable.”

A heart glowing with lights.

While applying makeup, my eyes suddenly fell on the wristwatch. I looked at the time and shouted, “ I’m getting late. Quick. Quick. I don’t want her to wait for me.”I put all the accessories. Wore my sandals. And looked one last time for a brief minute in the mirror and showed a thumbs up to me.

I was so nervous. It was my first date with her. “I just hope she likes me. What if I fail to impress her? What if she didn’t like me?” Hundreds of thoughts were running in my mind. I calmed myself down and whispered, “You’re going to rock it. Everything will be fine.”

I had a reservation at the most famous restaurant in our town. Reaching the destination 5 mins before the time; I decided to buy some roses for her from the nearby florist shop.

I checked myself for the one last time on my phone’s camera and put my most important makeup on my face – My smile.

A decorated table

The staff greeted me warmly, as soon as, I entered the restaurant. I had booked the corner seat; the one which has the most beautiful view of the city, outside.

It was a perfect little table with candles and a bouquet in the middle. Her favorite book was kept on the table and a little card addressed to her was lying in one corner. The table looked beautiful and was up to my imagination. Actually, more than my imagination!

After a few minutes of staring, I smiled at her and made her sit on the chair comfortably. I ordered all her favorite food, read the book, and gave the roses that I had bought for her. She seemed immensely happy as if, every wish of her heart has been fulfilled. After hours of being in her presence, I drove back to my house. Went upstairs to my room and changed into comfortable clothes. I removed all my makeup and looked myself in the mirror.

I said to my own reflection, "You did a very great job. She looked happy and satisfied."


I wrapped my favorite blanket around and started writing my diary.

"Dear Diary,

I have fallen in love with someone. But this time I’m cent percent sure that she’ll not break my heart. We share the same interest, and we have an unbeatable understanding between us. Today, I took her on a surprise date and, you won’t believe it, I enjoyed it more than anything else. Yes, I have fallen in love again. This time with – MY OWN SELF. No restrictions. No pretending. And no expectation."  

Falling in love with myself had taught me to – Pamper myself, appreciate myself, and above all to be just ‘me’.

While loving all the things and people in the world, we always forget to Love ourselves. Don't be too hard on yourself. You deserve to be loved.
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