Welcome To The World Of Fake Truth And Real Lies! 

To the girl inside you, Don't try to run away from boys, because at some point, you'll have to live your life with one of them. Instead be strong enough to fight with the devil ones. Not every guy is a rapist. And if, you don't like boys, then don't feel ashamed to accept yourself. Just because society have set some high standards, does not mean that you have to follow all of them.

Life will be too hard for you on some days. You'll be told that, you're weak. You'll be told that, you are useless. At times you'll also be shown that you're ugly. But believe me! You're stronger than what anyone else thinks.You know what you're doing, that is all that matters. Live your life the way you want. If you want to go out at 12 in the night, just go. If you want to wear shorts/one piece, wear. Don't try to think about what others will say about you. Don't give society the power to judge you. There will be times when someone will break your heart. Someone will break your trust. You'll cry bitterly. You'll think of hurting your own self or even committing suicide. But just once before taking such step ask yourself - "Are you so weak that someone else matters to you more than yourself?"

Don't be a coward. Stand up and fight for the 'right'. If you think that you're right then no one can stop you from winning. Trust me! You're never ever alone. Even if there is no one with you, there's god present with you each and every time. Might be he is taking some time to show you the right path; to show you what's good for you but eventually, he will. If you're fat, it's okay. If you're dark in colour, it's okay. What matters is your talent and personality. They will take you ahead in life. You're beautiful in your own ways. You're unique and special. Don't give someone else the power to define you. Never get married or have a child, if you are not ready. These decisions are one of the most important decisions of life. Take these decisions very carefully and whenever you are ready to take responsibility.

There will be a time when you'll feel that - why you're a girl and not a boy? You'll feel bad being a girl, but believe me a girl is the most special creation of god. It's a woman who converts a small male sperm into a baby, keeping it for 9 months inside her which is the most amazing miracle of life. Always remember "being a girl" is tough, but no one is capable of doing, what a girl can.

There will be a time when you'll have to adjust; when you'll have to sacrifice. Do adjust and do sacrifice, but never sacrifice your motive of living this life. Never give up on your biggest dream. Fight till the end to achieve what you want. There will be a time when you'll feel frustrated from everything around you. You'll feel like no one cares. You'll feel neglected. You'll feel like running away from everything and everyone. But running away won't solve your problems. Give time to everything. Try to find solutions. Be strong. Don't lose hope.

At the end always remember, you are mom is always there for you. Even she was a 'girl' someday and now, a woman. No one could understand you better than her. She is not just your mom, she is your best friend. She is your soulmate.

Welcome to the world of fake truth and real lies! 

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